PB – Digitalizing Services

in multi-channel service environment

customer path
Identifying customers in real-time and providing flexible access control, fast in-house payments and easy-to-use service redemption is essential for any business. Common problem with current “software silos” is that even the software itself works well, it does not confirm the modern requirement of making processed data available for the other in-house systems and personnel. Also building one-to-one interfaces and communication channels between existing software systems is a never-ending process and will end up in situation where changing software vendors and even updating existing software is extremely difficult.

Customer information and activity history should be available for all in-house systems so that different functions can provide accurate service and deliver best possible customer experience.

Modern customers also expect to receive high-class service and maximum value for their money and time; Admission and use of available services should be fast and take place without queuing. The trend is that customers want to purchase services before-hand or get invoiced afterwards or during check-out. Increasing number of Customers, especially Corporate Customers, are willing to pay extra value for high-class VIP services – at the same time also their expectations for the received service quality is getting higher.


We help our customers to digitalize their in-house services to the 21st century:
– no more paper slips or tickets
– no more notebook or Excel based customer registries or bookings
– no more scattered customer data in software silos
– no more manual labor when counting usage and creating invoices

Our turn-key solution is operating 24/7 in a secured and reliable Amazon cloud.

single customer media

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Hullu Poro

The most famous hotel at Levi Ski Resort contains 157 rooms, 5 restaurants, spa and gym. Part of the resort is also Hullu Poro Arena that provides entertainment, including concerts, gigs, meetings, workshops and conferences up to 1700 people.

Delivered Services:
– Room key-card as single media for all services in the area
– Additional Hullu Poro -branded RFID card

– Control point for restaurants; breakfast, lunch, dinner
– Locking and access control for external entertainment services
– Ticketing and access to Hullu Poro -arena

– Balance for in-house payments
– Gift Cards and corporate invoicing

Särkänniemi Amusement Park

Särkänniemi is popular amusement park in Finland with over 30 rides and 800 000 yearly visitors. The park also features an aquarium, a planetarium, a children’s zoo, an art museum and an observation tower Näsinneula, a high-class restaurant with magnificent views.

Delivered Services:
– Dispensable RFID wristbands
– Renewable RFID Season Cards with photo

– Access to each ride is controlled with RFID readers
– Real-time reporting and customer trace
– Child’s height information and emergency contact details

– Customers may purchase different types of service combinations;
dinner, drinks, snacks, games, prepaid balance, …


The K-food store chains are K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket, K-Market and Neste K service stations. There are some 1200 K-food stores in Finland, with 1.2 million daily customer visits.
Kesko is the primary sales channel for Särkänniemi wristbands.

Delivered Services:
– Wristbands are automatically activated when purchased and have no value without activation
– Kesko’s cash-register system is integrated with Pb and activations/cancelations are submitted in real-time
– Wristband can also contain services, like dinner, drinks, snacks and prepaid balance

– Real-time reporting, customer trace and map-view based on location of the purchase

– Cash-register integration  allows similar activation service for the new partners

Sport Clubs

The time has changed also for the traditional sport clubs; Customers expect to be entertained and quality of offered services must be high.

Service digitalization provides multiple benefits by
– shorter queuing times
– increased spending
– decreased amount of manual labor
– increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Delivered Services:
– All services can be redeemed with a single customer media;
– Renewable RFID Season Cards
– Digital ticketing, including mobile tickets/applications
– Integrations with ticketing vendors and e-commerce (webshop)
– VIP services; access, welcome gift, dinner, drinks

– Limited Balance for the companies – invoices by consumption
– Prepaid Balance for the individuals

– PB cash-register with in-built customer identification
– Campaigns and partner benefits; digital service redemption and reporting

Golf Clubs & Resorts

Nowadays customers expect that all services are available without hassle and service provider return maximum value for the invested money and time.

Service digitalization provides multiple benefits by
– Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
– Self-service terminals for out-of-office/busy hours
– Customers and Operations managed with single a system

Delivered Services:
– All services can be redeemed with a single customer media;
– Green Fees, serial cards, ball dispensers, carts, lockers and restaurant services
– Fast and easy to use register for the shareholders, visitors and companies

– PB cash-register system with in-built customer identification and dynamic pricing

– Customer path; Manage all services for the customer holiday / visit

Academies and Training Centers

Different types of schools and training institutions require complex set software to manage daily operations; access, in-house services, enrollments, etc.

Service digitalization helps to centralize operations and manage rapidly changing customer information in secure GDPR compliant environment. PB’s cloud based service is available through well-documented API and can be used as a backbone for other software and operations.

Delivered Services:
– Re-using existing access key-fobs
– Adding RFID stickers to student cards
– Branded RFID cards

– Time-managed access control with electronic locks
– Self-service control point for lunch service; students & personnel
– Access control for gym, spa, meeting rooms and other activities

– Services can be easily extended to include remote locations
– Digitally managed partner benefits and campaigns