Commercial and Ecological Focus
At the same time!

We see service digitalization as a continuous process of delivering better services for the end-customers.

Delivering profitable and cost-effective commercial service can be done in parallel with ecological objectives; making services sustainable and carbon neutral.

Customers’ Services as a Flow
No more stand-alone software ‘silos’

The delivered services should be seen as a flow that is a foundation for good customer experience while maximazing revenue streams from the offered services. Traditionally software used for different in-house services have been offered as standalone, ‘siloed’, solutions and customers transactions have been isolated events.

Personalized Services
Increased satisfaction & profitability

Nowadays Customers are spending increasing amount money for their free-time and recreational activities – and expect to receive value for their investment.
When Service Digitalization is done correctly then customers can be easy identified in different stages of service process to maximize experience and profitability.

Creating profitable commercial services that are sustainable

Traditionally there has been understanding that creating sustainable and ecological services is the opposite for the profitable and cost-effective services. Not any more!

While using the new commercial digital services we can also use the same services as a backbone for the achieving carbon neutral service offering by footprint calculations, modelling and compensation.


Operating in multi-channel sales environment and providing a easy-to-use access control & service activation/redemption platform.

In practice this means that our solution can be connected to different sales channels (e.g. e-commerce, reservation systems, CRMs, …) via well-documented API and provides easy way to activate various in-house services for the customers.
Our solution also provides essential tools for sustainability and carbon neutral travelling.


Our Theme Park customers are enjoying the benefits of Digitalized Services in many ways; e.g. Digital Access Control for the area and rides, various types of service combos (access, meals, drinks, snacks, games, …), real-time visitor statistics and detailed reporting.

The solution provides also necessary tools for crowd control, including limiting access to areas and rides based on time and current penetration level.The solution also enables full-scale cashless payments and it can be combined with other services provided for the visitors.


Latest global restrictions have caused severe impact for Event Organizers. Our solution provides critical elements that are required by event organizations to provide highest possible feel-of-security for the visitors yet ensuring memorable experiences for the valued visitors.

While maximizing the revenues in multi-channel sale environment, our solution also enables extremely fast access control, prepaid and credit based services with clearance and real-time reporting for fast decision making.


Our solution is used in several sport clubs of different sizes; Service Digitalization provides benefits for all stages of offered service, including ticket sales, season cards, VIP passes, prepaid services and corporate credit.

During the epidemic restrictions, our solution provides essential tools for crowd control;
e.g. grouping visitor access to smaller chunks and measuring temperature at arrival, limiting moving in the premises and limiting payment methods to cashless payment methods.


Improving Customer experience through Service Digitalization is a continuous process and there is always space for improvement.

Our typical deliverable starts with the integration to the reservation system and/or e-commerce site so that purchased access and services can be activated and redeemed with the selected customer identifier, e.g. mobile phone, physical membership card or PIN.
Service redemption can be executed in various ways, including self-service terminals, integrated dispensers and doors & gates.


Modern way for operating facilities enables full remote connectivity and single point to manage rapidly changing environment.

Additionally to the traditional management of access functions, the same solution can also be used for granting temporary access with desired customer identifier (e.g. PIN codes, NFC and optical identifiers delivered to a mobile phone) and to create invoicing based on used services.
Our system also provides tools to manage and audit access and services for security, house-keeping and other scheduled in-house services.


We can tell what our system is capable to do and what kind of projects we have done. But the most important thing is that you’ll tell us what you need – we’ll listen!


We deliver our projects in time and within the agreed budget. Using the latest agile technologies and processes we can provide fast-reactivity for changing needs.


We are famous for our fast reactivity and quality of support; Within our seven years of production there has been zero downtime (knock on wood)!

The secret of our success

– We listen what you need;
  You are the experts of your own business.

– All our customers are our reference customers.

– We work resiliently to ensure that our customer get the service quality that they deserve.

– We gain satisfaction when our customers are thriving.


Our unique offering consists of seamless integration of hardware, software and Cloud services.
Available from any location, anytime, 24/7


Customer Identifiers can be chosen based on what is the most convenient media for the customers and there can also be several parallel identifiers for different situations and needs.

The Digital Identifier is the most flexible and ecological choice and be can be used and managed with any mobile phone. To achieve the highest level of fluency and to maximize the customer experience, the system should be fully integrated with multi-channel sales environment, e.g. e-commerce, ticketing/reservation systems or CRM

Identifier can also be any existing customer media or media equipped with a NFC chip, like branded NFC card, wristband, key-fob or a plain PIN number.

Face Recognition is also available!


Typical implementation contains one or more hardware components from the Idactor FastTrack portfolio.

The FastTrack hardware can handle up to 4 plug-and-play USB devices, including QR- and barcode readers, NFC card readers or cameras. It has fully automated WEBCOM -interface that will connect and communicate received customer identifier to the PB Cloud Service.

Based on the received response the hardware then controls locally connected devices like integrated or connected screens and/or electronic locks/vending machines.


PB Web service is located in the Amazon AWS Cloud
 and provides secured platform for system management, anytime, from anywhere

Basic Functionalities include:
Customer Registry and Profiles

Tracking customer paths and service use

Real-time management for Access and Services

Remote Management of all connected devices

Automated and/or on-demand reports

In-built Customer Loyalty and Rewarding

Communication with 3rd party systems through API

Client testimonials

Aren’t sure yet? Please contact any of our customers and ask what they think.

We are only taking the first steps with the digital tickets and ride passes, and we’re already seeing great enhancements in the service experience of our customers.

By offering a combined physical and a digital platform for consumers and businesses to come together and match their various requirements and the related services.

The benefits should reach way beyond the theme park, local businesses and consumers – the entire region will thrive.


It was time to upgrade the existing Customer Loyalty Platform and at the same we wanted to improve the way how we reward our loyal customers and interact with them.
The delivered solution works as a centralized data source for the other systems and provides essential functions for the customer loyalty management, e.g. customer identification, rewarding, reward redemption, and transaction based customer information for the segmented messaging.

Kari PAuloaho
CEO, Finlandia hotels

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