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This is the first blog text in the series under the heading:
Efficient use of Social Media channels in company’s international go-to-market strategy – 2021

I’m working as CEO for a small technology company (PB-GROUP LTD.) that is providing service digitalization and access control services for the hotels, resorts, theme parks, sport clubs and for the golf&recreation.
We already have 10+ domestic customers and we are interested to expand our business to international markets. Our offered service is versatile and according to the studies there is a growing market demand and moderate competition on our market segment.

This blog is started in December 2020 when Covid-19 has been a known virus approximately for a year and have caused a global pandemic that people and governments are fighting against with different strategies and results. At the moment all international traveling is forbidden, public gatherings are limited to 6-10 people and there are many other limitations affecting the people’s and companies daily activities.
Our company is also facing some major challenges because of the pandemic restrictions and we have been forced to re-think how to do sales and marketing in this new business environment.

Personally I have learnt to do business through traditional channels, including large onsite exhibitions, face-to-face meetings at customer premises and through traditional communication via phone, email and websites. I’m well aware that there is the modern way of doing business through different online tools and channels, but I have always managed to run businesses without using them in every day functions.

As we all know, respectively, majority of the existing markets are being ruled and controlled by the large companies and creating a footprint in the market is getting more difficult, time consuming and more expensive year after year. In the other hand internet and social media platforms provide channels for new kind of businesses and ideas.

So instead of whining about change and difficult market situation, I decided to start learning how to do sales and marketing using modern online tools. I understand that for me personally this is a transformation process; all these years of commercial internet I have been faceless information consumer and now I should become an identified information provider/producer.

The journey will start here and now by listing the most well-know tools/software that can be used for companies marketing and sales:

Top Social Media Channels:
a) LinkedIn
b) Twitter
c) Facebook
d) Other; Youtube, Tic-Toc, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Reddit

Tools for Communication and Processes:
a) Presentations, documentation, materials (MsOffice, Photoshop, …)
b) CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Excel, …)
c) Online meetings/webinars (Teams, Zoom, …)
d) Communication (Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Whatsapp, SMS…)

a) Company’s website
b) News and updates
c) Exhibitions and Conferences
d) Speaker slots
e) Other marketing and publicity

2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report
B2B companies social media platforms used for marketing

Instead of writing tutorial and instructions how to use above tools, I’ll try to provide information about purpose and meaning of these channels&tools and how they serve the big picture when creating and executing the lead theme: “Efficient use of Social Media channels in company’s international go-to-market strategy”.

At the same time when writing this blog about the social media marketing, I’ll also start a blog that will concentrate on sharing knowledge about Service Digitalization. I assume my know-how on that area could be valuable for the others.

In the next chapter I’ll get started with the process and start with the familiar themes; Company’s website, News and Updates, and Communication with Mailchimp/Klaviyo.


About Me
My name is Vesa Haimi, entrepreneur, inventor and CEO of a small technology business in Helsinki, Finland (PB-GROUP LTD.).
I’m 48 years old, family man and enjoying golf, when it is warm enough.
I see myself as a global citizen after living abroad for several years and working in various projects in over 50 countries.
Now I have to recreate myself and learn new ways of leading internationalization, sales and marketing activities using modern social media channels and tools.


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