Operating in multi-channel environment and providing a easy-to-use access control & service activation/redemption platform.

In practice this means that our solution can be connected to different channels (e.g. e-commerce, reservation systems, CRMs, …) via well-documented API and provides easy way to activate various in-house services for the customers.
Our solution also provides essential tools for sustainability and carbon neutral traveling.


Customer Identifiers can be chosen based on what is the most convenient for the environment – there can also be several parallel identifiers for different situations and needs.

The Digital Identifier in the Mobile Phone is the most flexible and ecological choice and can be easily used and managed.

NFC Key-Fobs and Stickers are convenient and versatile option that can be attached to any existing media, e.g. as key-ring to existing keys, as sticker to plastic media, etc. A PIN code can also be used as a standalone identifier or for enhanced security.

Typical use cases for digitally managed identifiers are:
 – remotely managed temporary or fixed access permissions to premises
 – tracking and managing scheduled access, e.g. security, nursing home visits, rental, …

Face Recognition and visual auditing is also available!

ManagING Customers and Services in the Cloud

From the Cloud Service you can create and manage all services anytime and anywhere;

Manage Visitors/Customers and their profiles

Track visitor paths and service use

Create and manage Access and Services in real-time

Access and manage all your devices remotely

Create automated and/or on-demand reports

Create and manage digital identifiers

Configure communication with 3rd party systems through API

Hardware FOR Access Control

Service Digitalization can be separated for each individual service or for all services participating service delivery for the Customers.
Typical physical implementation include one or more of the following hardware components:

Customer Service Point
 Personnel operated service points can manage customers’ services with any Internet Browser
 Suitable option for service activation/redemption in the reception, restaurant or cashier-counter

Self-service terminals
To control visits in the premises with a check-in/check-out terminal
 Service can be attached to a port, gate or electronic lock.
 And connected to integrated or separate display to show welcome message or balance.

Token Based Machines
 To control token based machines, like games, snack/drink vending machines, dispensers, …
 Usable with selected customer identifier and fully controllable remotely

Electronic Locks
 To control access to different kinds of areas/premises; meeting rooms, gym, spa, lockers…
 Service can be configured for normal audited access or with serial or paid with prepaid/credit

Sustainable and Carbon Neutral FACILITy

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