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Planet Benefit enables real-time customer identification and payment in multi-channel environments
Identifying customers in real-time and providing easy to use, flexible payment solutions for customers is essential for any business. Fast and reliable admission and payment transactions increase sales and have a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

To enable extreme flexibility, customer identification can be done with any available customer medium or other type of identifier including contactless branded cards, wristbands, stickers, mobile wallets with optical codes, driver’s licenses, hotel keycards, phone numbers etc. For authentication merchants and service providers can rely on the built-in photo ID function or customer PIN code feature.

The supported payment transactions include any type of monetary payment from pre- and postpaid payments to digital stamps, member points as well as authentication of pre-purchased admission and access services.

The multi-channel solution supports e-commerce, electronic locking and Point of Sale (POS) integration or can be used as stand-alone service.

Each transaction, such as an event admission, gift card usage, loyalty stamp collection, facility access or prepaid purchase, provides intelligent customer data directly linked to your business.

The turn-key solution is delivered complete with branded customer media, mobile application, terminals with connectivity and cloud service. Find out more about the Planet Benefit solution and how we can help grow your business and improve the customer experience.

For hotels, resorts, cruise ships and other accommodation venues, Planet Benefit extends the usage of existing wireless keycards to payment services and beyond. Prepaid breakfast and other meal services, access control to hotel facilities as well as “resort currency” can all be included.

The solution has a built-in gift card and customer rewarding system that provides easy-to-use services for hotel chains and independent bed-and-breakfasts.

The solution can be easily extended to cover different guest promotions and rewards also including partner restaurants, nearby attractions etc.

The solution also eliminates fraudulent service usage with a photo ID feature providing secure and quick transactions without PIN codes.

The solution can be integrated with existing keycard and reservation systems or operate independently.