As a business owner:

  • How do you make sure that the customer will return?
  • Who are your best customers that bring most of the revenue?
  • How do you identify and reward your best customers?
  • How can you measure the success of your marketing efforts?
  • Is your company’s charging/invoicing an effortless task that doesn’t require manual labor?

A turn-key solution that increases sales

The solution enables real-time customer identification for key customer recognition and rewarding both in-store and online. Prepaid serial cards (e.g. 10x lunch) and digital branded gift cards make sure that one-time customers will become regular customers improving cash-flow with up-front payments.

The solution delivery includes everything from your own branded contactless customer media (NFC cards), mobile card readers and login credentials to the Planet Benefit cloud to manage your service. The solution can also be integrated with existing cash-register systems, reporting and analytics tools.

You get a powerful customer centered solution including registers for customers and transactions, loyalty program, gift cards, digital stamp cards, prepaid and mobile payment options. The solution provides a simple way to manage and invoice corporate customers based on their purchases.