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Planet Benefit combines golf club functions into a single, contactless branded club card and/or mobile application. The solution significantly increases customer satisfaction and provides centralized management interface for all member and service operations.

The solution can be easily integrated with existing systems (e.g. course management and ball dispenser systems) to provide single customer medium for all club operations. Customer self-service terminals can be provided for quick tee-time check-ins during out of office ours when the caddie-master is not present.

The Planet Benefit solution can be used for branded shareholder cards, serial and corporate cards, tournament passes, pro-shop gift cards, prepaid restaurant credit, ball dispensing, golf cart rentals etc.

The solution enables cross-benefits with other golf clubs (e.g. digital visitor passes) and cooperation with local businesses and service providers.


  • Single customer medium for all services
  • Prepaid serial cards & Digital gift cards
  • Can be integrated with existing systems
  • Self-service terminals
  • Simplified corporate invoicing
  • Cooperation with other clubs