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Sport Clubs

Planet Benefit provides a powerful solution for sports clubs and federations to manage their juniors, members and supporters. The solution includes customer register and admission management from single tickets, serial cards to season and VIP passes. Each customer can enjoy prepaid intermission sales, club member benefits and services that are managed and activated remotely. The real-time service activation enables prepaid drink and food packages to be sold together with the game tickets or separately through the Planet Benefit mobile application during the game/intermission.

A major problem with all large sports events is the continuous queuing. Planet Benefit provides a contactless technology that speeds up admission control and provides a possibility for prepaid cashless food and refreshment services. In most cases the intermission sales can be increased by 30% because of the faster payment transaction that also has a major positive impact on customer satisfaction.

The technology provides cost savings because season passes are configured and managed remotely through the Planet Benefit cloud service, which enables the same physical medium (branded club season card) to be re-used for the following seasons.

The solution also provides clubs an opportunity to launch, manage and measure revenue sharing sponsor deals with local businesses.

The solution is delivered as “ready-to-use” with selected type of contactless customer media (e.g. branded cards), access- and cashier terminals and with login credentials to the centralized service management interface.